Cold-pressed Method

Cold-pressed Method

All raw materials of withshea are produced by cold-pressed method used for high quality edible oil extraction of European EXTRA VIRGIN grade instead of chemical solvent extraction method, so they are clean and all nutrients are contained. In addition, cold-pressed method extracts shea oil at low temperature, so Benzopyrene, a primary carcinogen, is not emitted.

Oil extraction types


Cold Pressed

Compressed at 49˚C or less with an cold pressing extractor.
The way to extract the healthiest oil containing Omega 3 (alpha-linolenic acid).

Hot Pressed

Roasted and compressed at a high temperature with a high heat of 200~300˚C.
High temperature destroys nutrients such as Omega 3 and that may cause acidification due to thermal oxidation.

Solvent Extracted

Mass production method of compressing with high heat treatment by adding chemical solvents such as Hexane, Pentane, Heptane, and Octane extracted from petroleum.